Hubbie has a little problem

  Pamy 20:39 21 May 04

Hello everyone,

Hubbies bought an NEC 2500A DVDwriter but on replacing his CD writer(Master on Secondary IDE) with it, it was not recognised on boot up or in "My Computer" nor was his Secondary slave DVD-ROM.

After a lot of messing about he found that if the DVD-ROM was diconnected the NEC was shown as the secondary Master (no secondary slave as expected). When the DVD-ROM was reconnected no secondary Master or slave was shown.

So can anyone help him with his little problem, that is, how to have his new NEC DVD writer as secondary Master and his original DVD-ROM as slave both recognised and working on XP pro?
Ps. when the DVD-rom is disconnected , the NEC DVDwriter is recognised and works.
Sorry to be so long winded explaning problem.

  Pamy 20:50 21 May 04


  stalion 21:24 21 May 04


  cream. 22:09 21 May 04

This is a common problem with some dvd writers, they do not like other optical drives on the same IDE here

If you have a master and slave hard drive on the other IDE channel, then put the hard drive slave on the secondary IDE channel, no need to alter the jumpers. Then put the dvd rom on the primary IDE channel as slave, again no need to alter the jumpers.

In my experience with problem dvd writers, this always works.

  gudgulf 22:12 21 May 04

Check the jumper settings on both devices--just to make sure that one is indeed set as slave.

Also is the new drive recognised if it is the only one on the secondary ide channel.

If not maybe the drive is faulty--can you try it in another pc?

  Pamy 22:39 21 May 04

Your link does not go anywhere.
gudgulf, yes it is recognised when it is only one on secondary cable.
stalion, thanks for bump

  gudgulf 22:49 21 May 04

Just a thought ---what happens if you set the dvd rom as master and dvd writer as slave?

I've used that setup successfully recently.

Maybe put the rom drive as primary slave---I know that technically that will reduce data transfer rates on the hard drive,but in reality I doubt you will notice any difference.

  the pie eater 22:52 21 May 04

What does bump mean ?

  stalion 22:54 21 May 04

bump puts your thread to the top of the list if you have been waiting for help for a long time Regards

  Pamy 23:05 21 May 04

gudgulf, thanks for suggestions, will tell hubby to try all combinations,


  Pamy 23:09 21 May 04

The Village Idiot,

will also try your recomdations , thanks to you all for help . will post back final results latter.

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