HTTPS warning on email link to web pages

  sunnystaines 01 Feb 12

"do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely"

"this webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection which could compomise the security of the entire webpage"

Now i had fixed this ages ago, but after a complete reinstall forgotten how to get rid of this dialog box, anyone remind me please.

  BurrWalnut 01 Feb 12

Go to Internet Options > Security Tab > Internet at the top > Custom level at the bottom > Scroll down to Miscellaneous and put a check in Display mixed content.

  sunnystaines 01 Feb 12


thankyou that was handy, hope i got it sorted now.

  sunnystaines 02 Feb 12

do i need to make another settings change? when i open emaails now pictures are not displayed.

  BurrWalnut 02 Feb 12

Are you saying that changing the ‘mixed content’ value is preventing you from seeing email attachments? Unlikely, but it is reversible.

If that is not the case, the solution depends upon which email client you are using.

Have you had an infection recently?

  sunnystaines 02 Feb 12


on opening emails got blank boxes where pictures should be, how do i get thhem displayed as before.

using xp ie8

  sunnystaines 02 Feb 12


think i got it sorted i had ticked disable instead of enable on your original instructions.

  BurrWalnut 02 Feb 12

You haven’t said:

If reversing the setting of ‘mixed content’ has changed receiving email attachments? Send one to yourself to test it.

Which email client (program) you’re using?

  BurrWalnut 02 Feb 12

It looks as though our posts crossed.

I’m glad you’ve fixed it.


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