Graham* 09 Feb 13

Is this now a universal purveyor of forums? Even my local newspaper is a customer. The Star

Things have certainly slowed down now.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Feb 13

Lost me here.

  lotvic 10 Feb 13

grapeshot = ads on page. Grapeshot supplies next-generation keyword-contextual technology for precision targeting and brand safety based on sets of keyword.

  spuds 10 Feb 13

Just out of curiosity, does this mean that its another intrusion to the way people want to work and use the internet. Possibly based on further revenue collection for those using Grapeshot?.

Will these lead to further slowness in page opening on websites that use Grapeshot, possibly in combination to other similar 'search or forwarding' programs?.

  Graham* 10 Feb 13


Not for me to say, but where it used to say 'Waiting for pcadvisor' when loading a page, it now says 'Waiting for grapeshot'.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Feb 13

It will not be long before we are reminded that this site is free, though I have never understood that excuse for intrusive ads as other forums,also free,do not feel the need to alienate their members.

  spuds 10 Feb 13

I wasn't actually being curious about the PCA website only, but others as well who seem to be implementing further intrusions to their websites.

My own ISP seems to have increased its advertising, which seems to result in a few extra problems, especially where spamming is concerned.


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