HTML shown as text... 23:47 22 Oct 03

I'm having a small problem! I need to put a line of HTML, including tags, into a paragraph of text. I need the code to show as text, exactly formatted, but not to actually perform it's function. Is this possible, or do I have to create a gif image containing the code to blend in with the surrounding text?

  Taran 00:11 23 Oct 03

Most web editing programs will allow you to paste HTML code into a body of text and display it as such.

Have you tried it that way yet ?

Which web editor are you using ?

  Forum Editor 00:14 23 Oct 03

you are using Net Objects Fusion. You should be able to include the text without any ill effects. 00:28 23 Oct 03

I have made a help page using notepad. I got a few free web pages from an image host with no FTP or tools, just pasted it into their textbox. If you go here click here and click on 'Signatures' you will see that it would explain better if the exact code could be shown. (I need the actual HTML including tags, to show in the text).

  Forum Editor 07:09 23 Oct 03

and explain to your users that they need to remove them before using the code. 09:06 23 Oct 03

Didn't think of that. Too busy thinking of complicared solutions! Will try.

Cheers, Whiz... 00:50 24 Oct 03

doesn't work in notepad. When I open the code in IE it still tries to access an image, and shows the red X in a box.

  Pesala 05:07 24 Oct 03

Instead of angle brackets for tags like <FONT> use angle quotes like this: ?FONT?

That's ANSI 139 for left quote ? (‹)

and ANSI 155 for right quote ? (›)

Not too sure whether they will post correctly here. 00:02 25 Oct 03

That sounds good, will give it a try.

Cheers, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 08:09 25 Oct 03

use square brackets

[html code here]

That always works.

  harristweed 10:51 25 Oct 03

Why not put the code in a table cell? Then it will display as you require. Tags and all!

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