HTML - problem with "mailto:"

  Michendi 09:28 25 Sep 03

I am using standard HTML code to open a blank email. e.g. a href="[email protected]">
As expected when the link is clicked the email client opens with a blank email and the "[email protected]" in the "To:" box. But appended to the email address is the word "/Start" making the address now read "[email protected]/Start". This is of course an invalid address and returns an error.
This not only happens with the pages that I have coded but with any page where there is an link to an email.
Has anyone seen this before? Any solutions?

  MAJ 11:06 25 Sep 03

Do you have any of the pages uploaded, Michendi? If you do, post a link to one of the problem pages with the mailto link. Some of the HTML experts might be able to spot the problem.

  stlucia 11:28 25 Sep 03
  AragornUK 12:02 25 Sep 03


I just tried <a href="">mail me</a> and it worked fine with no problems. Missing out the mailto: I was getting Page Cannot Be Displayed.

Can you copy/paste the code you're using into here? Blanking the email address of course ;o)

  Michendi 11:21 06 Oct 03

Thanks for your suggestions. The problem still persists. I have now determined that the word "/start" is only appended to the mailto: address if Hotmail is the default email client. If Outlook, Outlook Express or a web-based email client is set as the default then the problem does not occur. If Hotmail is the default email client then it does occur. This is important because millions of users worldwide use the Hotmail web-based email client as their default. I have tested this on several email accounts, a number of different PC's and different platforms, including OS from Win98 through to Win2000 Pro. All give the same result.

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