HTML in Outlook Express

  bamfiesler 17:46 29 Apr 05

Been trying to embedd an html link permanently in my outgoing OE mail. I can do it if I save it as 'Stationery', but the font then gets changed to Sans Serif, or somesuch, and I don't want this as I use Haettenschweiler.

The only wasy I can see just now is to paste the link in on the source page of the mail every time, but that's a real bind, and most of the time I forget to do it anyway.

Any ideas?

Thanx to all, etc.

  ade.h 18:47 29 Apr 05

I've had a look at Outlook Express's options (long time since I used it!)

On the Compose tab, it states that Stationery fonts will be used, but when I ran the Stationery Wizard, it showed a full list of fonts. In other words, it should work just fine. Try the wizard again, select your font fron the drop-down on the second page of the wizard, and see if it works.

  ade.h 18:50 29 Apr 05

...and make sure that the font doesn't magically return to the default when you have typed the hyperlink. When creating a hyperlink in an Office program, it tends to magically take on the default font, size and colour. You then have to right-click the hyperlink to change its properties.

  bamfiesler 21:16 29 Apr 05

Either I'm daft or.............

If I create stationery, save it and then edit it, it opens up in Word. If I then thry and put html tags in, the come out of the preview/edit page of OE, and that's not what I want. I cant' figure this out, cos there's other html stuff in the current background source!

  bamfiesler 01:43 30 Apr 05


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