HTML or CSS for a table?

  Colonel Graham 04 Jul 11

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is closing soon. They want us to transfer to Office 365, which is a paid for service. Our charities cannot afford to pay for this, which in any case, has facilities we would never use.

I have made a start on Blogger, it has all we need and is free. One major problem I have is in displaying pictures, which is the main function of the site - advertise cats and record when they are homed.

This is a page on the old site The new site

As you can see, in Blogger I have little control over positioning. You're supposed to drag and drop, but that usually moves anther one. What I would like is a table to put the pictures in. How can I do that?

  Ansolan 04 Jul 11


If you want help with image galleries on Blogger, might be worth reading through the many related threads at their help centre e.g.


You could also post there, or search for free blogger templates with a ready made gallery, plenty around.

The other option is look for alternatives before going too far. You might consider approaching web design colleges in your area, which will often help with this type of project.

In some cases directly, or by finding capable students who will build you a site for free, because they are prepared to and useful for their portfolio. They should be able to use a format/CMS which you can then take on to manage.

How about Sheffield Hallam University, who run web design courses at a high level and more casually via their Training Foundry. Well worth a call or two, or try an email to creativedigital(at) who run the college sites but are involved on a wider basis I believe, they should know the best route in.


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