HTML Layout moves on certain pages

  Rockitt 29 Jan 13

Hi All,

I'm new to web-design and in the process of making my 1st website, and come up against this problem that has me baffled.

My site is designed with a CSS stylesheet for the layout and menu buttons, the code is mostly in html, but i have a members area and log-in which is coded in php.

The problem i am having, is adding a PayPal button to one of the pages.

It doesn't matter where in the code i put the button, the whole page moves when you display it (Shifts to the right about 1cm)

The entire page moves, all is alligned correctly and the layout the same and i have no idea why!

I've tried everything from changing the margins and widths in the CSS which makes the layout worse and i lose menu's or the layout changes on all pages

Every page except this one displays the same, the layout is fine.

I don't know how to explain it, but its annoying seeing this one page move when the page loads.

Any help would be appreciated.


  Forum Editor 29 Jan 13

When you insert the code, have you looked at the page in Design mode in your site design software? Once the code is in the page you should be able to use design mode to move the button to an exact position, and keep it there. Then you can sort out any small design alterations with the rest of the page content.

It's usually a pretty straightforward procedure.

  Rockitt 29 Jan 13

Thanks for your reply,

I've gone from design mode, and back to code over and over, spent hours on this one page

I've moved the boxes around, changed (added and removed) tags and all it does is screws up the page more.

I managed to get it inline by making a copy of the CSS sheet just for this one page, and adding a 17px margin to the left in

This fixes the moving issue slightly, but only in some resolutions so its just a temporary fix

  fourm member 30 Jan 13

If the site is live, post a link and I'm sure someone will be able to spot what's happening.


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