HP XW6000 expansion feasibility....

  fsa259 18:55 15 Feb 10

Im trying to add more hard drives to my XW6000 to turn it into a mammoth multimedia hub.

I am quite attached to the machine, hence my reluctance to just buy a different one. Since buying it, I added another processor, upgraded the RAM to 4GB, bumped up the graphics card, added PCI SATA cards to accommodate SATA drives and maxed out the available hard drive slots.

It came with 2x 5.25 bays, 1x half height 5.25 bay and 2x 3.5 bays. Right now, I have a DVDRW drive in one of the 5.25 bays, and hard drives in all the other bays, 4 in total.

I really want to shove a few more TB HDDs so I can store all my media in one unit instead of messing around with several external drives.

Given that I have used up all the available bays, is there a cost effective way of adding more? Like some form of bay expander?

There is physical space in the front of the case, behind the fan and under the existing bays...just nowhere to secure HDDs to.

(see stock photo: click here).

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