HP Tx2000 Hard Drive

  kev63 21:11 08 Mar 09

Recently my laptop wouldn't start (Title) and found out it was a hardware issue, the hard drive!

The problem is im having trouble replacing it as the part codethat its labelled with is out of stock on the HP website,

Can someone help, please!!


  kev63 21:31 08 Mar 09

the part number is 457061-002

  MAT ALAN 21:37 08 Mar 09

click here

not this side of the pond and i hope you are sat down when you see how much... OOOH ERRR!!!

  kev63 21:42 08 Mar 09

Yer, I'm in the UK and... !!!! So much for a hard drive? What the hell...

I bought one off ebay by mistake thinking it would fit for 40 quid lol. Luckilly it fit into my ps3 so wasn't such a waste.

I can't pay that much though, could get me a new laptop!

Any one else got any ideas?


  MAT ALAN 21:43 08 Mar 09

Bugger the money GET TWO ya gotta spare then....

  kev63 21:45 08 Mar 09

is the laptop designed to only take hp spares or something? Never saw a SATA hard drive with the gold connectors 'loose' like on this one. Usually there implanted into a plastic casing so to speak.

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