HP PSC 2355 all in one

  918 24 Jan 12

Hi all here we go again help reqd...... Can i just use black ink in my HP PSC 2355 all in one,as you know it has two cartridges one colour and one black,the colour has run out, and the black is nearly out,and as i dont do any colour work,i was wondering if i could just buy a black refill and leave the colour empty.

Cheers All ,;-))

  spuds 24 Jan 12

Not sure about your particular model, but most printers work on a 'how much ink' device. When a cartridge is nearly empty or empty there will be a warning message or symbol, at that point the printer might stop working.

If as you say, you don't use the colour, then just leave the colour cartridge in-situ. But the printer might do a 'cleaning' process, which will use up some ink from both or either one of the cartridges.

Why not run the printer to a empty cartridge, and see what happens. Or alternatively buy compatible cartridges or fill your own?.

  northumbria61 25 Jan 12

Some information here that may answer you query enter link description here

  KRONOS the First 25 Jan 12

HP tend to be quite bad about putting up an error message or, as in my case, a flashing light notifying me of low ink. There is plenty of ink left. I tend to wait till the print gets a bit faded then I'll renew the ink cartridge.

You should also find in the setting menu the ability to print just in black.

  918 25 Jan 12

Cheers fellas Top answers as always ,;-))


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