HP Printer copies with black vertical lines

  SEAWISE DAVE 11:59 11 Feb 13

I have a new HP 8600 Pro printer. When making a copy and selecting B&W or Greyscale the resulting copy displays numerous black vertical lines. Lines are quite thin and a small number a bit thicker. The problem occurs when copying both from the ADF and the platten and only when selecting B&W on the printer or B&W/greyscale on the PC. No problem when printing normally from the PC or in selecting colour on the printer. Does this seem like a software/firmware issue?

  lotvic 12:31 11 Feb 13

No, it sounds more like the black printer nozzles are blocked. This shouldn't happen on a new printer. Try a nozzle deep clean cycle. go to hp support for troubleshooting and if problem still occurs, contact where you bought it from and send it back as faulty.

  Woolwell 12:31 11 Feb 13

It may be defective. Suggest that you contact the supplier. See HP support

  morddwyd 20:04 11 Feb 13

Could be dirt/ink on a roller.

Use a suitable cleaning fluid and a lint free tissue and clean as much of the paper path as you can.

  lotvic 20:17 11 Feb 13

morddwyd, I thought that at first but OP said "No problem when printing normally from the PC or in selecting colour on the printer"

Made me think again though because I took it that it was the text that had streaky lines in. If it is extra ink coming off then seems funny that any residue on rollers is not marking paper when normal or colour printing.

  wee eddie 23:00 11 Feb 13

Scratches on Platten

  Woolwell 23:11 11 Feb 13

wee eddie - Would they show in colour too?

  morddwyd 09:34 12 Feb 13


Sorry, missed that.

  SEAWISE DAVE 20:48 21 Feb 13

Thanks for the input on this. I printed again and it was OK, but then reverted to a problem next time round! I will get this looked at by retailer - John Lewis so will revert!


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