HP Printer

  Daiol 18:38 12 Jun 07

Good day.Just been given a hp deskjet 3650 printer but without a disc so i downloaded the drivers etc from hp website,the software is now installed on my hdd is there a way that i can transfer that onto a cd for future mishaps maybe.Thanks,daiol.

  €dstowe 18:44 12 Jun 07

I wouldn't bother. The software will be available for a very long time on the HP web site (and probably elsewhere) and downloading afresh will always ensure you have the latest version.

I always install drivers and other software for printers, scanners and the like fresh from the makers web site. I never bother with the supplied disks.

  Daiol 21:28 12 Jun 07

Thanks €dstowe for that info i think that would be a very good idea.Thanks.daiol.

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