HP Pavillion - Vista freezes at welcome screen

  onthelimit1 17 Jul 12

When this happens, all HDD activity stops. Gets into Safe Mode, but the same happens after a few mins. Same for Last Known Good Config. Repair with Vista disk says no problems. Fan clear and runs at normal speed. Any thoughts please?

  onthelimit1 17 Jul 12

For info, it's now booted all the way but, again, frozen - cursor can be moved, but mouse buttons have no effect and the HDD light is out.

  rdave13 17 Jul 12

Possibly the Power Supply?

  Woolwell 17 Jul 12

Done a chkdsk?

  onthelimit1 17 Jul 12

Power supply as far as I can tell. Check disk - I'm trying to that, but it tends to freeze before I can organise it!

  onthelimit1 17 Jul 12

Power supply OK as far as In can tell - this is a laptop.

  Woolwell 17 Jul 12

Have you tried on mains and without battery? Rather a longshot tho!

  onthelimit1 17 Jul 12

Yes, running like that now. Think I'll try to extract the data from the disk, then try a fresh install.

  Woolwell 17 Jul 12

Can you put the disc in a caddy and run a check on it?

  onthelimit1 18 Jul 12

Well done Woolwell!

Connected HDD to another PC and ran a chkdsk on that drive. Reinstalled in laptop and, at the moment, all is well. Will report back later when I've had a chance to run further checks.

  Woolwell 18 Jul 12

But there may be a catch - does this indicate that the drive is on it way out?


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