HP Pavillion - Vista freezes at welcome screen

  onthelimit1 19:16 PM 17 Jul 12

When this happens, all HDD activity stops. Gets into Safe Mode, but the same happens after a few mins. Same for Last Known Good Config. Repair with Vista disk says no problems. Fan clear and runs at normal speed. Any thoughts please?

  onthelimit1 19:29 PM 17 Jul 12

For info, it's now booted all the way but, again, frozen - cursor can be moved, but mouse buttons have no effect and the HDD light is out.

  rdave13 19:52 PM 17 Jul 12

Possibly the Power Supply?

  Woolwell 20:06 PM 17 Jul 12

Done a chkdsk?

  onthelimit1 20:51 PM 17 Jul 12

Power supply as far as I can tell. Check disk - I'm trying to that, but it tends to freeze before I can organise it!

  onthelimit1 20:52 PM 17 Jul 12

Power supply OK as far as In can tell - this is a laptop.

  Woolwell 22:31 PM 17 Jul 12

Have you tried on mains and without battery? Rather a longshot tho!

  onthelimit1 22:45 PM 17 Jul 12

Yes, running like that now. Think I'll try to extract the data from the disk, then try a fresh install.

  Woolwell 22:47 PM 17 Jul 12

Can you put the disc in a caddy and run a check on it?

  onthelimit1 09:08 AM 18 Jul 12

Well done Woolwell!

Connected HDD to another PC and ran a chkdsk on that drive. Reinstalled in laptop and, at the moment, all is well. Will report back later when I've had a chance to run further checks.

  Woolwell 09:51 AM 18 Jul 12

But there may be a catch - does this indicate that the drive is on it way out?


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