HP Pavilion will not Boot

  Jimpad 05:47 24 Oct 10

Every time I turn on my new PC I get a black screen with writing on - it says Boot Device Not Found
Please install an operating system on your hard drive
Hard Disk (3F0)
F2 System Diagnostics
for more information, please visit: click here

i had a party in my room the night before so the chance of water/beer getting spilled on it is high

HP Pavilion dv5 notebook pc running Vista

It has Hp hard drive protect

Any help would be appreciated as l think it would be a waste of time taking it to get fixed if this is the case can i buy a shell with a just a mother board and screen?

Thanks for taking the time to read this


  sharpamat 10:04 24 Oct 10

If the damage has been caused by a spill unless there is a clause about accidental spillage the warrantee, your HP Protect our your household insurance. I feel there is little you can do except hope it works after it has had time to dry out inside.

You may get more information as most Hps have built in diagnosis I dont think getting a new case and motherboard will be an option unless you can be sure all the other components are unaffected

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 24 Oct 10

Remove and refit hard drive to remake the connections and retry.

You could also try entering (setup) the BIOS an make sure it is set to boot from the hard drive.

  greenlamp 20:41 24 Oct 10

I would suspect that a spillage would have caused more damage than a "boot device not found error". This message suggests either
a] a poor connection to the hard drive
b] somebody has fiddled and altered the bios setup
fruitbat's suggestions should cover these.
or the harddrive has been corrupted or is failing
if corrupted, eg. by a virus it may require a re-install of the operating software, if it's failing [check software may be available from the disk manufacturer] is the pc still under warranty

  Jimpad 01:17 28 Oct 10

Thanks for the replys people

No it is not still under warranty or any home insurance.

I have given it time in the sun to dry out, l will do as Fruit Bat has suggested and check the connection on the hard drive,

I am sure that no one has fiddled with the bios and l have two or three anti viru/Fire app on the Laptop and l do a full scan at least once a week so l am fairly sure that it is not a Virus.

Any more ideas would be welcome in the meal while l will check the Hard drive connection and get back to you.

Thanks again

  kristain 05:10 28 Oct 10

The "Boot devie not found" usually suggests a fault with the Hard Disc Drive.
You need to get it to boot either into safe mode, or last known good configuration.

Try to Restore your pc to last good configuration.

click here to know why you need to restore your pc.

  Jimpad 01:06 30 Oct 10

I have taken the hard drive out and the cable was still secoured.

And she appears normal in the Bios, well apart from telling me that no hard drive can be found.

I cant boot in safe mode as she will not boot in any mode with out a hard drive and l cant get back to a safe restore point because she will not boot, kinda catch 21

Any more ideas?

Thanks again for any help

  tullie 04:56 30 Oct 10

You should only have one a/v installed,not the answer to your current problem though,i wouldent think.

  chub_tor 08:28 30 Oct 10

If you can get the hard drive out then put it in an external USB caddy you could take it to someone else's machine and see if it is recognised and if there are any files on it. If so it may only be a boot error that needs to be fixed.

  Jimpad 01:02 02 Nov 10

Hey tullie l only have one av installed the rest are fire walls like windows def

Good idea chub_tor l can pick one up for cheap money think they are around $28

Again thanks for the replys
will keep ye posted

  at-door-shop 05:15 02 Nov 10

Remove and refit hard drive to remake the connections and retry

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