HP Pavilion Overheating

  Bartlet 02:47 19 Aug 06

I have a two year old HP Pavilion Notebook, model ZV5213ea.

I've always had a problem with the temperature that the notebook reached but I was told that it was normal for notebooks to be warm. However, I've been using a work notebook recently and it never gets as warm as mine does.

My Pavilion reaches temperatures of 39/40 Degrees Celcius and is particularly hot near the HDD and Memory area, at the back of the notebook (under the 1234567890 Keys for example).

I certainly couldn't be classified as a Laptop anyway, unless you have protective clothing!

Any ideas?


  terryf 02:50 19 Aug 06

Have you tried using a vacuum cleaner to suck out any dust from ventilation slots externally?

  Bartlet 03:04 19 Aug 06

The ventilation slots are clear of any visible blockages as far as I can see? The fans never seem to move though?

  Forum Editor 07:43 19 Aug 06

If you cannot detect any fan noise, or feel a warm air current coming from the ventilation slots, something's wrong. The fan may be stuck, or may have failed altogether, or the fan controller may be faulty.

Whatever the cause, it's time to take action - you'll need to send the machine away for repair.

  karmgord 08:03 19 Aug 06

its normal my HP NOTEBOOK (they are not laptops!)
runs very hot, google HP hot running and you will see we are not alone,i think its done for silence and battery life. WARNING constantly having a hot notebook on your lap can affect male fertility

  karmgord 08:08 19 Aug 06

P.S as long as it does'nt lock up or slow right down it is normal and the fan runs on boot up

  Daibus 10:37 19 Aug 06

You mention temperatures of 39/40ºC as the operating temperature of your laptop - isn`t that in a very low range as if you read forums regarding the Apple Macbook for example, people are complaining of running temperatures around 67/70ºC and up to 80/85ºC and these are considered normal and safe operating temperatures for this particular notebook.

  Bartlet 11:03 19 Aug 06

It's on it's way back to the dealer for repair! Thanks.

  Forum Editor 11:31 19 Aug 06

Yes they are. The whole world knows them as such.

'Notebook' is a trendy marketing industry word, like calling a problem a "challenge".

Laptops have been laptops ever since they were invented, and they'll stay that way. If I say "bring a laptop to the meeting" everyone knows what I mean. Tell people to bring a notebook, and there's confusion.

  Phphred 13:07 19 Aug 06

I read somewhere that Dell were having trouble with their Laptop batteries, made by Sony, and I am pretty sure that there was also a mention of HP Pavillion as well, but I can't remember any HP model numbers.

  karmgord 18:00 19 Aug 06

I call them laptops but the manufacters call them note books and advise against using them on your lap as when the fan runs it draws in fluff which blocks the cooling,I know as this is the stock answer from toshiba

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