HP Pavilion f1723

  prycey 21:03 24 Dec 05

My monitor stopped working overnight. When on, it flashes on and off - a split second on and a couple of seconds off. It seems like it's switching itself off and on. Every time it switches itself on, it makes a quiet "pop" noise.

Is there anything I can do to try and fix it?

Is it worth taking it to a specialist who can fix it or should I just buy another monitor (if I buy a new one it will be a 17" CRT)

  Strawballs 23:04 24 Dec 05

Sounds terminal to me, but why a 17" CRT have you not thought about a 15" TFT they look about the same size and take up less room. click here

  prycey 01:57 25 Dec 05

I'm thinking of a 17" CRT because kids that come in our house keep touching the screen causing pixel dropout. The computer sits in a corner so it won't take up any less room than a LCD screen anyway. Not to mention that a CRT is cheaper than a LCD equivilent(?)

Thanks for the help. :)

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