HP Pavilion dv6000

  Tohman 11:32 31 May 08

I have hp pavilion dv6000 notebook and i have windows xp there.....(befor was vista). i cant find any drivers to it.....can anyone tell me where can i download them free....

  ambra4 11:55 31 May 08
  Tohman 12:48 31 May 08

i already tried this place but none of them suits to my laptop :S

  Tohman 13:58 31 May 08

HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC

  woodchip 14:11 31 May 08

These should be the drivers for your computer from the above link click here&

  woodchip 14:12 31 May 08

Click on the Operating System Link you are using

  Tohman 14:15 31 May 08

i clicked.....i downloaded but i couldnt install them :S

  ambra4 14:44 31 May 08

“But I couldn’t install them”

When you say couldn’t install them not sure what you mean

Exe files won’t start, error when trying to install, incorrect drivers prompt, device not found etc

  Tohman 14:47 31 May 08

it says different things about different drivers....i have seen all what u counted exept device not found.....(my english is not so good to explain very well, i try my best)

  Ditch999 16:48 31 May 08

Is your XP version 32 bit or 64 bit?
You say you had Vista before. How did you downgrade (upgrade in my opion!!) to XP? Did you format the drive then install XP?

  Tohman 16:52 31 May 08

eee....i dont know how many bit it is. my laptop went to guarantine....if it came back they asked do they put vista back or i put something myself....i putted myself windows xp proffesional.

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