HP Pavilion 8750

  phil 02:35 04 Jan 03
  phil 02:35 04 Jan 03

Does anyone know what Motherboard is in this PC?

At the moment I have a Celery 677 and 256 ram in it but would like to upgrade the processor to at least a 1.3 or bigger.

Problem is on there is no info in the manual that came with the PC or on the HP website.

There is nothing on the m/b and sisoft sandra comes up with nothing.

I was told that it could be a ASUS so I looked on their site but zilch!

  VoG™ 06:16 04 Jan 03

Try this click here

  phil 11:06 04 Jan 03

Thanks VoG. Brilliant bit of software.

So now I know that my mb is a Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM 1.13 and the BIOS is Phoenix Technologies LTD 3.02 08/24/2001 what is the biggest CPU that I can fit into it?

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