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  catpwss 13 May 11

Hi,I got this hp compaq laptop with windows 7,Been looking at what junk was on it with hp well found these. Does this laptop warrent all these hp items. 1.Magic Desktop 2.HP Advisor 3.HP Quick Launch 4.HP Support Assistant 5.HP user Guide 6.HP games Does it look that these are not essentials to run this pc,regarding No.6 games i dont play any games I'm not a gamer. Any help here please.

  woodchip 13 May 11

I have disabled or removed most of my HP stuff as you can go to the Website for Updated Drivers etc. Only thing I have left running in MSCONFIG is HP Wireless Assistant

Mine is a HP510 Centrino cpu 2.13GHz Mobil M processor XP Home

  Woolwell 13 May 11

I wouldn't remove the HP user guide. It doesn't take up much room and I've used my guide. HP Advisor is fairly useless.

  robin_x 13 May 11

Magic Desktop is a kiddies environment/games. Suitable to 6yrs? There ain't no kids that young touching my laptop.

I disabled the HP dock on startup but kept all the other HP stuff. It doesn't do any harm but I did come very close to deleting it all.

The tune-up is pretty crap though and I've been using this laptop for 18 months and never noticed any useful updates when it runs.

Kept Games for visitors.

My Support (CQ61-320SA) docs/downloads are pretty good on-line from HP. User Guide also redundant.

I have only recently done a Factory Restore so became re-acquainted with it all.

Use PC Decrapifier to do the honours. Nice little multi uninstaller.

  robin_x 13 May 11

Sorry thinking of wrong User Guide..I didn't mean F1 Help

  catpwss 13 May 11

Thanks all for replies,can anyone recommend out of the six hp items what should I keep or what I should get rid of,? Thanks.


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