HP Laptop - black screen and no boot

  onthelimit1 20 Aug 11

Was handed an HP Pavillion dv6000 which, on pressing the power button, produced a number of lights but nothing on the screen. After 30 secs or so, it shut down, restarted and went through the same sequence.

I tried all the usual to no effect, deciding the mobo was faulty. Googled the problem the find it was a known issue. What blew me away was the solution – cook the mobo in an oven for 10 mins. Didn’t believe it but, with nothing to loose, stripped the mobo, popped it in, let it cool and re-assembled.

To my amazement, it worked – they call it ‘re-flowing’ apparently. Anyone else come across this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Aug 11

Reflowing I've heard of -

but to get it hot enough to flow solder the plastic would also melt.

Know someone who left a "Thinkpad" on a hotplate in a loco cab , when the locomotive was started laptop got melted before anyone noticed. Case was melted through in places but the machine still worked as it had not melted solder on the connections on the motherboard.

  gengiscant 20 Aug 11

I have come across cooking before now,particularly when it comes to graphics cards. Have a read: Cooking

  Taff™ 20 Aug 11

Normally done by infra red Reflowing Video

  onthelimit1 20 Aug 11

Interesting. Obviously only worth a try when all else has failed. Oven temp was 200 C. Non of the plastic sockets appeared damaged (must be some tough stuff). Will wait for a phone call to say it's gone again!

  onthelimit1 22 Sep 11

Still working and been given another HP with the same symptoms. Will report back!

  onthelimit1 23 Sep 11

Didn't work this time. Still, it's a last ditch thing to try when all else has failed!

  rdave13 23 Sep 11

Sorry to hear it didn't work this time. Just charge for the gas and bin it.

Good try though.

  onthelimit1 24 Sep 11

Progress! At about 4 this morning, I suddely couldn't remember locking the CPU back in. Stripped it again (5 mins this time!) turned the screw and, voila, all up and running!


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