HP G62 Laptop - Possible Burnout

  SJB777 12:07 16 Jan 15

Hi All,

I suspect that I've neglected my laptop for too long and that it's overheated, I've viewed a few tutorials and am confident I can get all the data off the hard drive not recently backed up.

The laptop is ~4 years old and very well used.

I'm looking for opinions on the likelyhood of being able to fix the laptop.

Is taking the machine apart, cleaning the fan, CPU etc. and applying new thermal paste likely to offer any solution at all or is it more than likely that the motherboard is beyond repair?

Symptoms are: - Fan runs for seconds on pressing power on then nothing but blue power light - No flicker or anything on monitor - Occasionally the fan will then again begin to run after minutes of nothing, though still no other signs of life other than the power light.

I have: - Performed several static discharges - Ran the laptop with and without battery unit - Attempted to run via an external monitor

Any advice of potential damage and likelyhood of fixes would be much appreciated.

Many thank in advance.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 16 Jan 15

Fan runs for seconds on pressing power on then nothing but blue power light

Certainly sounds like overheat and the chances of repair are good if you strip and clean fans as suggested.

  SJB777 12:34 16 Jan 15

Many thank Fruit Bat - any suggestions on which paste to use? Is the paste essential to test? i.e. could I get away with cleaning and rebuilding to test the unit works then get a high quality paste before using it extensively?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:09 16 Jan 15

I would just defluff first and retry

Artic silver is what I have always used

  robin_x 14:08 16 Jan 15

Cleaning is unlikely to work if the laptop doesn't even attempt to boot.

It may be another problem. Taking it apart and having a look and wiggling connectors and cables is worth a try.

Also attempting to boot with drives, 1 stick of memory, network card all removed is worth a try.

Maintenance manual here

click here

I have stripped down my similar CQ61 and note that the fan and cooling fins are the last things you can get to. ie it is a full disassembly.

  SJB777 15:13 19 Jan 15

Hi All,

I've done a full disassemble, clean, re-assemble - no joy other than the Caps Lock light now flashes :/

Any other thoughts on what may be wrong? Hard drive, battery and adapter don't seem to be the issue. Fan appears to be working and the CPU has now been cleaned and treated....



  robin_x 16:08 19 Jan 15

HP Beep and Flash codes

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 19 Jan 15

If fan and cpu working would suggest HDD

can you access it using a caddy or direct to another PC?

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