HP Compaq Laptop - 250Gb HDD shows as 40Gb

  onthelimit1 19 Sep 11

Been given the ladptop to clean out as it's passing from teenager to mum. Ran all the usual. When I looked at My Computer, saw that the C drive plus the D recovery totalled in the order of 40Gb. The HDD is a 250 Gb one. Any thoughts, please?

  rdave13 19 Sep 11

Try windirstat

It will show what is on the drive. Be careful if you use the program to delete anything as it will also delete Windows files!

  onthelimit1 19 Sep 11

windirstat shows the same. Wondering if it's a BIOS prob, but I can't get into BIOS with F10.

  woodchip 19 Sep 11

Right Click My Computer/Manage/Disc Management check what drives are displayed, then check Win Explorer by Click Win Key Plus E key to see how many drives show

  onthelimit1 19 Sep 11

Thanks Woodchip - I'm in the middle of an Easy Transfer at the moment, with a view to a Restore to Factory Settings. Will see, in the morning, how that's worked out.

  onthelimit1 20 Sep 11

Hmm. Took the drive out and put it in a caddy on my PC. Again shows only around 40Gb capacity. Is it possible for a drive to 'lose' so much?

  Secret-Squirrel 20 Sep 11

What's the model number of this Compaq laptop?

  onthelimit1 20 Sep 11

6735s - 4Gb RAM, Vista Home Premium. Virtually no documents, pictures or videos. Just opened Disc Management as suggested by Woodchip. Along with C: 32Gb, HP Tools 1.0Gb and HP Recovery 9.0Gb, there is 190Gb 'unallocated'. I guess that's my missing space, so how do I merge it with C please.

  Secret-Squirrel 20 Sep 11

"there is 190Gb 'unallocated'. I guess that's my missing space, so how do I merge it with C please."

In the Disk Management console, is the unallocated space adjacent to the C: partition? If it is then you can use Vista's "Extend Volume" feature by right-clicking the C: drive.

If it's not then I can recommend a free third-party utility to do the job.

  onthelimit1 20 Sep 11

Thanks SS. It was adjacent, and the partition is now resized. For future reference, was the soft ware you were going to recommend Easeus? I wonder why the partition was the size it was (perhaps the teenager had been fiddling!).

  woodchip 20 Sep 11

He may have set it small for fast backups of the Operating System, then Custom Load Software Programs to bigger Partition on Drive after creating one


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