HP Compaq how can I access BIOS?

  bumpkin 27 Aug 12

Hello, How can I access BIOS on HP compaq dc 7600 SFF. I have no manual and have tried usual things like Del or Tab and some F keys.


  Nontek 27 Aug 12

Pressing F1 during startup should take you to the BIOS.

  lotvic 27 Aug 12

I think it's this ClickHere guide to bios settings

The HP Computer Setup Utility, or F10 Setup, allows making changes to the system BIOS

  Woolwell 27 Aug 12

Why do you want to enter the BIOS? I usually leave mine well alone unless I have a major snag.

  bumpkin 27 Aug 12

Hi and thanks for the quick replies. F1 does not work it just carries on booting. I am still reading Lotvics link. The reason I want to access Bios is to change boot order of hard drives.


  lotvic 27 Aug 12

If it's a temporary change then this bit sounds useful:

Short cut to Temporary Override Boot Order

To boot one time from a device other than the default device specified in Boot Order, restart the computer and press F9 when the F10 = Setup message appears on the screen. When POST is completed, a list of bootable devices is displayed. Use the arrow keys to select a device and press the Enter key.

  bumpkin 27 Aug 12

If I press F9 it gives me a choice of. CD-ROM USB Hard Drive MBA

No option to choose the other HD.


  bumpkin 27 Aug 12

One drive is IDE with XP on. The other is SATA with Win 7. If I connect SATA I get error File missing ntoskrnl.exe please reinstall a copy.


  lotvic 27 Aug 12

"No option to choose the other HD"

You need to give more details on that... Is it an internal sata, ide, or a usb ext HD? and what Operating systems are involved?

I would have thought you needed a Boot Manager to enable you to choose which HD to boot from? (I'm not very knowledgeable at setting that up but sounds like you're wanting a dual boot situation?)

  lotvic 27 Aug 12

We cross posted :)

Still, better wait for someone else who has better knowledge of this than I do.

  lotvic 27 Aug 12

I think you will get more helpers if you start a new thread about Dual Booting and give the full info regarding what you have and if 32bit and/or 64bit etc.

This thread 'access BIOS' has been answered.


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