GARVINO 13:06 26 Oct 07

A friend of mine using Windows 98 has an Hewlett Packard 970cxi printer. He has lost the original installation disc. Can anyone advise how to get the software. It is made more difficult as MS no longer support 98 and he has mislaid the original MS 98 Disc.

  I am Spartacus 13:26 26 Oct 07

Drivers and stuff at click here

  100andthirty 13:28 26 Oct 07

Download the printer driver from the HP Web site:

click here&

  100andthirty 13:32 26 Oct 07

Sorry - got that wrong - the page is there but no downloads - sorry

  I am Spartacus 13:35 26 Oct 07

Try either the Windows 95 or possibly the 2000 drivers.

  Mavisk 13:39 26 Oct 07
  Mavisk 13:42 26 Oct 07

Memo to self, must read all previous posts properly.

  jimv7 13:54 26 Oct 07

The drivers are available on driversguide click here

  I am Spartacus 14:14 26 Oct 07

The file available from Driversguide suggests that the Windows 95 version from HP will work, and you don't have to jump through all the hoops that driversguide inflicts on you.

  GARVINO 14:29 26 Oct 07

Spatacus would appear to have the simpliest solution Thank You all very much.

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