HP 940C printer

  the hick 21:24 08 Mar 04

On replacing the colour cartidge in my 2 year old printer, I noticed the tray under the area where the cartridges 'park' is covered in a lot of inky residue. Is this normal? There does seem to be quite a thickness of it. I do not understand how the ink leaks out, does this occur in the 'cleaning' operation? Any help most welcome.

  SEASHANTY 22:22 08 Mar 04

My Epson 740 is more than 2 years old but doesn't seem to have any ink leakage despite the fact that I use the cheap cartridges (4col+5blk for £18). However some cartridges do leak according to this website. Doesn't suggest any remedy tho'.
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  asder 22:49 08 Mar 04

My HP940C appears to have the same prob.I sripped it down about 6 months ago and cleaned the fibre mat etc. inever managed to find any leak. It seams to cover a wide area.
Mine has gradually built up again
regards asder

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