HP "58" photo Print cartridge question

  AllZwell 05:40 16 Jun 06


I have a HP 2179 Printer that takes HP 56/57 and the PHOTO one: ("58")

However, I'm a little confused here, because in my printer, the cartridge holders have labels on them, that indicate i have to put the Photo coulour in the 56 slot (black one) and leave the Colur on( 57) in its own slot - 57 obviously.

I am about to purchase a 58 cartride, but WERE does the BLACK come from then? - if I have colour in 57 holder, and tri-colour in 57 holder - with black taken out?



  AllZwell 05:42 16 Jun 06

.....Or does the Tri-colour photo cartridge (58) include black?


  961 08:24 16 Jun 06

The tri colour photo cartridge "makes" black by mixing colours. But it is a very muddy green black, and also very expensive

You need the photo cartridge for high quality photo reproduction of flesh tones etc. Otherwise you don't really need it

Certainly ensure that you use the black cartridge except when printing photos with portraits etc

  AllZwell 16:27 16 Jun 06

Well, your'e not right on that 961.

Research on it tells me: click here

"Printing Colour: **Black**, light magenta, light cyan, colour (cyan, magenta, yellow) "

That is part of a package - with 57/58 - 57 being the colour one, and 58 containing the black.

  Lettervanman 17:13 16 Jun 06

I have an HP photo printer but not the same model as you.
For photos,(which are perfect) use 57 & 58. I only use the 56 if I want to print black text.

  Kaacee 21:00 16 Jun 06

I agree with Lettervanman, I use HP printer and it is set up exactly as he describes for good quality photos...remember to switch back for "ordinary" printing.

  AllZwell 21:28 16 Jun 06

Thanks guys, all appreciated;)


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