HP 1220C A3 printer will not print yellow.

  Sooty123 00:13 14 Jan 04

Printer cannot print colour properly yellow missing. New cartridge has same problem.

  Taff36 09:46 14 Jan 04

Remove the cartridge and check to see if there is surplus ink on the nozzles that are causing a blockage. If there is you need to clean them with a lint free cloth. Also inside the cover to the right there is a small set of cleaning brushes that can also get clogged. Use a torch to locate them & clean them gently - they may be simply re-clogging your new cartridge.

Have you tried reloading the drivers from the original disk and then running the maintenance test page to see if it makes a difference?

  Sooty123 23:36 14 Jan 04


Thanks for the info. I downloaded drivers direct from HP at first has not cleared problem. Tried another cartridge, now will not print any colour.

  Taff36 08:01 15 Jan 04

Sounds as though it`s getting worse not better!

Did you try the manual cleaning I suggested. I`m basing my advice on the HP1120c I`ve had at the office for three years, although my son has a 1220c at home. This sounds more of a mechanical problem to me. If you have the latest drivers I would have thought we start looking at the unit itself - Have you tried it on another computer for example?

How old is your printer and has it worked OK in the past?

  Sooty123 23:15 15 Jan 04

The print heads are spotless. All colours were printing normally until two weeks ago. New drivers were loaded from HP. I was printing a lot of green I thought the cartridge had run out. A new cartridge still would not print yellow and a third one will not print any colour.

My printer does not appear to have any cleaning brushes, but there is a foam based drip tray where the print heads are parked.

Older computer does not have a usb port.

Thanks for the help.

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