How would I... (Sound recording)

  Josquius 22:54 21 Jun 06

Yeah not a computer broke thread, just a quesiton on how to do something- is there a proper way that I can make my computer record what is being outputted from the speakers without just putting the mic right by them and all?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:01 21 Jun 06

This should do it
click here

  Josquius 13:17 19 Jul 06

I already use audacity, I can't see a option to do that

  NewestRoyWidd 13:25 19 Jul 06

I've just found this previous thread on the subject click here
Hope this is of help to you Josquius.

  NewestRoyWidd 13:29 19 Jul 06

Here's the full thread click here

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