how will i know when my phone line is upgaded

  jay.p 17:50 11 May 07

i am with aol on their 2mb package but my phone line will only support 1mb.
when bt finally gets around to upgading the line to 2mb how will i i contact bt every few months or so and ask or do i keep contacting aol?

  Technotiger 17:56 11 May 07

Hi, I think BT will probably tell you - they will want to brag about it!

  Stuartli 18:32 11 May 07

Do a speed test every few days such as:

click here

  wjrt 20:05 11 May 07
  jay.p 21:59 11 May 07

surely a speed test will always show 1mb as i assume even if the line is upgraded aol limit you to 1mb for stability reasons on your line unless bt inform them which i can't imagine they do.

  Stuartli 13:27 12 May 07

When your line is upgraded then the speed increase will be immediately apparent...:-)

The point I was making is that a regular speed test every few days will indicate when your line has been upgraded.

If you have the yellow panel indicating, presumably 1MB at present in your case, a higher figure such as 2, 2.2 or 2.3MB, this will be the maximum speed of which your line is capable after the upgrade.

  jay.p 15:36 12 May 07

ok thanks for that then stuartli i will keep tabs on it.

  Stuartli 17:00 12 May 07

Mind you, just because there is a maximum speed the line can deliver doesn't mean that your ISP will provide it...:-)

  Dipso 17:35 12 May 07

You say you couldn't get 2 Meg as your phone line will only support 1...usually this is because you are too far from the exchange. What does the checker on the site linked to by wjrt say is available to you click here

I have been following quite a few stories from people who have been promised upgrades by AOL but they have failed to deliver...I just wonder if it is AOL that are holding this up and not BT.

  jay.p 19:40 12 May 07

excellent what an easy way to check.
i get amber for 1mb ( which i get no prob )but a red for 2mb,so may be a while before bt get their act together.
thanks dipso

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