How to use old laptop h-d as external h-d for new netbook?

  justagirl1 21:22 PM 02 Aug 12

I have removed the old hard drive from my dead HP Compaq 6735s and want to recycle it as external hard drive for my Asus netbook.

Currently I have removed the h-d, it is in an Sata hard drive external enclosure attached to the netbook via USB.

The problem is only 1.2 GB out of 9 GB is free - so how can I wipe the drive to have a clear memory to back up my netbook/store my phd data.

Should I be using a data destroyer? I don't want to accidentally erase the netbook hard drive! I'm happy to lose all the data on the h-d and have it completely cleared (everything I want is stored on dropbox.

I don't know if its relelvent but the netbook is windows 7 starter and the hp was windows vista.

Thanks in advance for any help! :D

  lotvic 21:34 PM 02 Aug 12

When I'm re-using an old hard drive like that, I find the quickest way is to delete the partition on the usb harddrive, recreate the partition, give it a name so it's easy to recognise and quick format it. (using Disk Management)

  justagirl1 21:40 PM 02 Aug 12

Thanks lotvic - how do I find/delete the partition?

  Woolwell 21:57 PM 02 Aug 12

lotvic - if it has only one partition then I simply do a quick format.

  cathyoo 07:48 AM 03 Aug 12

You could not clearly wipe the previous data, there is no way to clear that. As you may know that delete or format are just delete the 'File storage record" do not really delete the data from the disk. So just need to delete the old data and then you could rewrite on this disk.


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