how to use a laptop

  mec13 23:13 08 Oct 05

having been given an old laptop notepad computer (IBN thinkpad) in working condition, my only problem is, I've never used one before!

We have a tower computer already in our home (XPhome), which seems to be dominated by my son's insistent claim for his on line gaming etc.

I attend evening class learning the art of computering,(basic stuff) so this laptop given to me (windows 98) is a handy 'practice at home' machine for me to use. There's no manual with this machine, so useful links to 'how to use a laptop' would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 23:22 08 Oct 05

It will do much the same things, but as you say it's an old IBM ThinkPad you shouldn't expect it to perform like a new machine. ThinkPads are among the best laptops ever produced in terms of build quality, and people who have owned them - like me - tend to regard them with affection.

I'm sure you'll have no problem getting to know this computer - just remember that you'll probably have to use it with the mains adapter for much of the time - if it's old the battery may well be nearing the end of its life.

I always use a mouse with my laptops - I find the trackpads/buttons far too fiddly. You might feel the same. Apart from that, just use and enjoy your new acquisition.

  mec13 08:33 09 Oct 05

Thanks FE,as you say a 'proper mouse' seems more sensible. The keyboard layout is different and confusing (no user manual)to my 'normal computer' with some very strange symbols on, one looks like an old fashioned tap?

Mentioning the mains adapter, it does seem to get rather warm, is this normal? or is it a sign that the battery may need renewing. Obviously a user manual would be the answer, can one be downloaded, or even purchsed from somewhere.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:41 09 Oct 05 have a pretty comprehensive site so you should be able to find a manual there if you know the model number.

The mains adaptors do tend to get warm so don't worry about that - unless it is getting too hot but that is very unlikely.

The manual will also point you to the keyboard map.

  mec13 08:45 09 Oct 05

much appreciated Diodorus Siculus, thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 09 Oct 05

Service maual click here

IBM site publications for Thinkpad 600
click here

  mec13 17:54 09 Oct 05

exellent Fruit Bat /\0/\, many thanks!

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