how to upgrade psu?

  badhooverdog 10:08 24 Oct 06

after unsucessfully tring to upgrade from 1gb ram to 2gb, i believe the problem is lack of power. i think my psu is 300w.
am running a geforce 6800s + 1gb on an asus a8ne mobo(with only 2 memory slots).other specs -atlon64 pc 3200 + 200gb hardrive.
how much power do i need & are there comptablity issues? also any help on how to fit a psu would be great bearing in mind i am not very tech minded.

  vinnyT 11:02 24 Oct 06

Take a look here click here, at the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator.

Input your pcs components (or what you are intending to get) and it will tell you what size psu you require.

Remember that a good psu from a co. like seasonic will outperform one of the more generic models on the market.

Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 11:05 24 Oct 06

The graphics card alone will require 300w at least and probably more.

The crd's manual should state the power supply requirements.

  andrew-196854 11:18 24 Oct 06

don t forget to make sure it has a 24 pin connection on it some psu do not, as for fitting it it is quiet easy to do , just remember how your old one was connected and do like for like, might be a good idea to write it down before you start ,also make sure you take the static out of your body you could do this buy touching a raidator or wearing a special anti static wrist band. ps i would go along with what vinny t has said make sure you get a good branded one ,antec ones are very good aswell ,depends on your budget

  andrew-196854 11:20 24 Oct 06

ps link to some antec psu
click here

  badhooverdog 07:12 25 Oct 06

thanks guys.have taken the psu out to says max rating 420w.also do psu's come with all the cables?my one has no way of removing these - just a bunch of wires coming out of the unit with connectors on ends to fit to the pc components.
have tried disconnecting the power supply for the graphics card but still the two 1gb sticks wont work together.they are identical crucial ones & work seperately.maybe theres another problem.

  ed-0 09:26 25 Oct 06

I think you must be mistaken. The Asus A8N-E motherboard has 4 memory slots. click here and the memory should be placed in the first and third slots. If yours doesn't have 4 slots, it can't be a full A8N-E

  Technotiger 09:31 25 Oct 06

Do psu's come with all the cables? .... Yes! they all do. I would go for a 500w the price has come down quite a bit lately.


  badhooverdog 12:22 25 Oct 06

i know it should have 4 slots but it doesnt.has 2 blue ones.think may have been changed by mesh to reduce costs.had a previous thread about that.
thanks anyway & to technotiger re the cables.hopefully is a power supply problem so can fit the second 1gb card.otherwise have got a lot of components i cant use!cheers

  ed-0 17:16 25 Oct 06

Then you might find that the motherboard does not support 2 X 1Gb of ram. Are they PC3200 ( 400Mhz ).

Lots of motherboards will run the maximum amount of ram but with a low frequency dimm.e.g. PC2700, PC2100. They can place restrictions on faster memory. Thats why it worth scanning the system for any other clues to the motherboard.

  ed-0 17:18 25 Oct 06

What is the mesh model number?

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