How to upgrade hardware

  square eyes 08:00 18 Nov 05


My pc is now 3 years old and is starting to struggle with the latest games and also my HDD is bursting at the seams, so i've decided to bump up the power a bit. Question
Im a bit dissapointed with the Mesh site for upgrading info and the Asus site wasnt much better as your limited by your motherboard.

I want to upgrade to a gig of ram, 160 gig HDD, graphics card that will cope for another year of latest games. I want to be absolutely sure that i purchass correctly first time so whats the safest way of doing this please and what upgrades should i be going for (processor maybe?). Hoping to spend £150-200 max

Many thanks

My system is: Mesh computers
Win XP
ASUS a7v333 rev1.01 mobo
AMD Athlon XP2100+ processor
Radeon 9600 AGP
640mb ddr-sdram
60gig HDD

  Diodorus Siculus 08:30 18 Nov 05

click here and enter your motherboard details; that will give you the RAM you need. Maybe another 1GB will be best.

A hard drive from, for example, click here will be easily installed.

I don't know about gaming so cannot comment on a suitable graphics card update. However, with your budget, the above should boost things for you for about £100.

  square eyes 02:30 19 Nov 05

Thank you very much, that link was more than usefull!
Its told me how much and what memory i can install and also what graphics cards are compatible!

All i need to worry about is what type of HDD i can install, is there a similar way of getting that information like with the memory?

Thanks again

  ICF 07:20 19 Nov 05

IDE ultra DMA133/100/66/33
or more simply any IDE hard drive like click here

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