how to unblock netgear

  sara 123 12:21 09 Sep 09

hi my husband has blocked some websites using netgear,i looked up how to unblock it om this website and managed to unblock it but now he has blocked it again!!!!does anyone know how to unblock it again please please.........

  Graham. 17:51 09 Sep 09

Hold in the reset button on the router.

  crosstrainer 05:36 10 Sep 09

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  sara 123 18:35 02 Oct 09

i havent got a reset button does anyone else know what to do please......

  tullie 19:04 02 Oct 09

Look for a small hole on the back of the router and push in with a paperclip,i think until the lights start blinking.

  iscanut 21:12 02 Oct 09

The little hole next to the power supply socket !!!

Or call up the Netgear menu, look for the option Block Sites and scroll down to the option to clear the blocked sites list.

  chub_tor 21:24 02 Oct 09

To get to the blocked site list as iscanut suggests you will need to type into the address bar, then in the pop up the default username is admin and the default password is password. Look on the left list for Blocked Sites and remove those you don't need.

Of course if your husband has changed the default username or password you will have to find out what they are.

  tullie 17:06 03 Oct 09

The small hole i was refering to was the hole to access the reset button.

  iscanut 17:28 03 Oct 09

I know...I was just saying where the reset hole least on my Netgear router.

  tullie 14:51 04 Oct 09

Looks like it wasent that important anyway as theres been no response.

  ashleycardwell94 21:16 04 Oct 09

hit your husband on the head with a spade and tell him if he blocks it again you are going to leave and get internet somewhere else

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