How to un-install dual booting

  Dumble452 08:55 06 Jan 08

I can currently run Win98se or WinXPsp2 on my computer. I no longer use Win98. I have 2 identical HDDs each being 120GB. I now also have an external 500GB drive and have backed up my computer to this. One of the internal hard drives is now effectively empty. For ease of reference I will call them HDD 1 and HDD 2 with HDD 2 being empty.
I would like to reinstall WinXPsp2 only.
Could I disconnect HDD 1, format HDD 2 and install WinXP on this, then re-connect HDD 1 and transfer data across to HDD 2?
Or is there a simpler way?

  AndySD 12:46 06 Jan 08

Start by booting the system into Windows XP. Explore the folder that contains Windows 98, searching for all personal files or documents; move them to a safe place. Then just delete the entire folder that contains Windows 98. You may need to confirm that it's okay to delete read-only files, executable files, and so on.

Now select Run from the Start menu and enter MSCONFIG. Click on the tab entitled BOOT.INI, and click on the button that says Check All Boot Paths. Your system will report that the path used to launch Windows 98 is not valid and offer to remove it. Click on Yes. From now on, your system will boot directly to Windows XP.

  Dumble452 07:59 08 Jan 08

That sounds much simpler. Thanks

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