How To Test Wireless Line Speed

  Flopper 25 Mar 13

I have been asked to test my wireless line speed at work using an online tester but I am not entirely sure how to go about it. With our ADSL line it is easy. Simply go to and test. It looks as though the cable from the wireless antenna on our roof goes straight into the back of the Cisco firewall. I have been advised to plug that cable instead directly into the back of a laptop. Also I have to input certain settings on the laptop,for example the wireless line, a subnet mask and the ip address of the wireless router. It may be a stupid question but bearing in mind that there will be a cable in the back of the laptop should I change the settings in the wireless connection or the local area (wired) connection, if that makes sense, or better still if someone can explain in layman's terms exactly what I should do, and assume I have no knowledge of this sort of thing?

  mgmcc 26 Mar 13

It is unclear from your posting what the setup is.

"With our ADSL line it is easy. Simply go to and test" (whose results vary dramatically depending on the host selected), measures the speed of your broadband connection. It doesn't measure the wireless speed between your computer and router. This will have a nominal speed of 54Mbps (802.11g) or 150/300Mbps (802.11n).

Your posting suggests that the building gets its actual broadband wirelessly, so the antenna on the roof will be connecting to some sort of "receiver/router" to which you will connect by ethernet cable. If the "receiver/router" doesn't allocate addresses automatically by DHCP, you will need to enter these manually in the Local Area Connection's TCP/IPv4 settings.

You require:

  • IP address
  • Subnet Mask address
  • Default Gateway address
  • DNS Server address

Then, when you have got online, perform your speed test.


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