How to tell if CPU fan is working?

  Kingmob05 16:43 17 Oct 05

I know most responses will be, check if it's spinning. But is there a way of going into system etc and checking on device manager?

I'm currently worried that my fan might have gone kaput on that and caused a major temperature rise.


  bremner 16:48 17 Oct 05

You may have software on the machine that could tell you - I have Asus Probe which came with the mobo.

  Kingmob05 16:51 17 Oct 05

I only ask because, my internal temperature has been peaking around 39 degrees with a Seagate Drive. Suddenly this morning, I'm updating my iPod, running no other programs other than Ephpod and bang, the temperature has risen to 46 degrees and I've got a warning from HDDLife saying it's overheating.

  bremner 16:56 17 Oct 05

The CPU fan will have little or no effect on your HDD temperature. You should check the casefan and ensure the vents are not full of fluff.

  Diemmess 17:00 17 Oct 05

A little thoughtful re-arrangement of ribbon and other cables might help free air movement inside.

  Kingmob05 17:04 17 Oct 05

Yeah, I cleaned the inside of the casing. It was very difficult to remove fluff from the fan right by the grating because of a cover over it. I didn't have a high pressure can to blow it out with.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 17 Oct 05

Everest Home Edition click here

will show you temperatures, fan speeds etc.

  woodchip 17:13 17 Oct 05

You may be able to move the drive to another bay that as more space round it

  DieSse 18:02 17 Oct 05

Maybe you need a case fan - that's a seperate fan mounted on the back panel, blowing warm air out of the general case area (not the Poer Supply Fan).

Normally they would only cost a pound or two, and are dead easy to fit into most cases.

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