how to tell how much downloaded

  apollogeemark 22:50 29 Jan 04

Im thinking about going onto one of the PAYG broadband site.

Anyone know about how much 10mb, i think thats how much you get before you have to pay more,ie how many pages that would be.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:05 29 Jan 04

Pages of what? You mean u get free 10 mb web space? it depends what u downloading but a couple a good sized proggies or even 1 will fill it quick.The site should tell u how much space u have left and how much u have used.If you dont mean this then i got no idea lol.


  DAG88 23:16 29 Jan 04

I think you mean you get 10MB download before you have to start paying.

If so then I would guess the average page to be 200kb or so. It wouldnt be very much for a whole month....(especially if you want to download apps)

  VoG II 23:20 29 Jan 04

What do the terms and conditions actually say? 10 MB web pages is a couple of days flicking through BBC News!

  apollogeemark 20:04 30 Jan 04

I am thinking about the broadband service where you get a set amount of mb you can download, and then you pay per mb after the amount is passed.

The minimum is £10 I think up to the limit.

I just wanted some idea of how much 10mb is so I can decide if its worth going for.

Or whether it would be better with the unlimited downloads from certain providers.

  bruno 20:16 30 Jan 04

I have a pay as you go broadband connection with Metronet.For £10+vat you can download/upload 200mb per month.I have been on it 3 months now and the highest bill I have had is £13.46.I do not download music or movies but I made a point of not changing my internet habits from the last 5 years when I was using dial up.My grandchildren spend a lot of time on it at weekends,playing kids games etc.It cost 1/4 of a penny per Mb(200Mb=50p).It is capped at £23.99.

  Dipso 22:41 30 Jan 04

Is it Metronet that you are looking at? It's just that I'm with them and I'm not aware that there are any other PayGo ADSL providers at the moment.

As bruno says, with Metronet, you get 200mb included in the minimum £11.75 inc VAT charge. Why don't you download a usage monitor like I did and see exactly how much you are likely to rack up in a typical month.

click here OR

click here

As a matter of interest, I am online for about 20-25 hours a week, browsing mainly, but my bill has never exceeded £14.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:51 30 Jan 04

Dont think this sort of thing would suit me would cost me a fortune i downlaod lots of stuff it would be several gigs worth over a month lol.


  bruno 17:20 31 Jan 04

The metronet account we are talking about is capped at a maximum of £23.99.Go to their site at ,it is all explained very clearly there.

  apollogeemark 00:04 01 Feb 04

Hi yes it is the same site i was thinking about getting myself.

thanks for the info and the downloads.

  bruno 08:56 01 Feb 04

Thanks for the links dipso,I was looking for something like that to check my usage before Iwent on to b/b as I had no idea how much I was using.Last month,using b/b in a similar fashion to my dial up I found it cost me 7p more to use b/b,the month before was 41p extra.
I went with the free version you suggested as I am a cheapskate!!

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