parkhead 14:01 15 Oct 07

Hi Everyone,

My daughter has got a new Fujitsu Siemens laptop and has connected to BT Broadband for the first time today. However, she has only managed it using a wire as she keeps getting a message telling her to switch on the wireless adaptor. She has looked for a physical switch but can't see one. Is there one? Or, is it something she switches on in the software?

Thanks in anticipation of your kind assistance.

  recap 14:12 15 Oct 07

I think when the message box appears she should just click on it to open the option up?

  ambra4 15:29 15 Oct 07

Look at keys with BLUE marking and see if there is aone with a antanna icon if there is hold down the BLUE FN (Function)key and press the key with the blue antanna icon

This will switch on or off the witeless card

  tullie 15:37 15 Oct 07

There must be a manual with it,if new,surely this will give you all info you need?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:17 15 Oct 07

There is usually a tiny switch on the front panel or on the top towards the screen but IIRC the switch is on the back of the computer by the can be very difficult to see.


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