How to switch off Blue Tooth Adapter

  iqs 15:12 23 Sep 07


I have just re-installed a Belkin USB Adapter on a new PC running XPSP2.I used Microsofts own drivers and software.

When I installed the adapter on the previous PC ,I used the supplied Belkin software.Because it was XPSP1.

With the Belkin software there was an option to turn of the adapter,this was located via the toolbar Bluetooth icon.

With Microsofts software there is no option to disable.I know you should not remove a device when powered.There is no option via Safely Remove Hardware.

So how is it safely removed please.


  Technotiger 15:18 23 Sep 07

Perfectly safe as long as no reading/writing using the adapter, is going on at the time of removal.

  iqs 15:25 23 Sep 07

Just remove when its finished receiving/transferring date.Even if the adapter light is still flashing?.Cheers

If you right click the bluetooth symbol in taskbar,click exit.
Does that stop it flashing?

  Technotiger 15:32 23 Sep 07

Yes, it is hot-swappable.

  iqs 15:51 23 Sep 07

*Raven*.There is no exit option just....

Add a bluetooth device
Show bluetooth device
Send a file
Receive a file
Join a personal area network
Open bluetooth settings(no exit/switch off option)
Remove bluetooth icon
Thanks for the help.Cheers

Technotiger.Removed the device while powered,the usual beeps sounded.Plugged it back in,no problems.

Can you please explain why'hot swappable' devices can be removed when powered.
Thanks for your help.Cheers

  Technotiger 15:58 23 Sep 07

Because that is the way are made - to be hot swappable!

  iqs 19:40 23 Sep 07

for the help Technotiger.

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