How to start Win/Messenger apperar "Offline"

  AnthonyB 18:02 14 Nov 04


I would like to know if its possible to start MSN windows messenger to appear "OFFLINE" so I can see who's online when I sign-in/connect, and decide whether to go online ot not myself.



  carolineann 18:49 14 Nov 04

I am on msm 6.2. On mine if I put a block on

someone I can see them,

but to them I appear off line.

Is that what you mean?

  AnthonyB 19:52 14 Nov 04

Well sort of, but i want to put a block (or appear offline) before i sign on, so I can decide when to be viewed "online" - in other words, when messenger starts up, i automatically appear offline - thats what i want.



  ACOLYTE 20:22 14 Nov 04

I beleive you can do this with msn plus3 but its full of crap as well so if you install it you need to run spyware scans after.It can be cleaned as i have done it and it worth having,would be better without the crud tho.

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