How to stack text in Word 2007??

  csqwared 16:43 25 Sep 12

I'm trying to get 'stacked' text in Word 2007. I can achieve this in Excel 2007(Text Box/Format Shape/Text Box/Text Direction=Stacked) and then Paste result but is there a way of doing it in Word without all that bother?

  chub_tor 18:32 25 Sep 12
  csqwared 18:57 25 Sep 12


Thanks for that. Unfortunately neither do what I require. I'm trying to achieve something that looks like a title on a book spline, the Equation editor only works on a single line and the second method, whilst achieving what I want, means I have to have a text box for each letter. So far it's easier to Paste from Excel.

Any more suggestions more than welcome.


  Zak 19:19 25 Sep 12
  csqwared 19:59 25 Sep 12


It's not vertical text I want, it's stacked text. Vertical text you have to turn your head 90deg to read. Stacked text has each letter above each other but the correct way up. L I K E T H I S Bet that doesn't look right when I post.

  csqwared 20:00 25 Sep 12

Knew it wouldn't. Anyroad, you know what I mean ;-))

  Zak 20:37 25 Sep 12

csqwared - that's fine just format text direction to be horizontal.

  csqwared 21:27 25 Sep 12


Sorry mate, seem to be missing something here. If I follow the instructions in your link there are only three Text direction options; Horizontal (as this is displayed), Rotated 90deg right and reading downwards from the top right hand corner of page or rotated 90deg left and reading upwards from bottom left hand corner of page. What I'm after is each letter horizontal, each letter below the previous one and reading from top of page downwards.









Hopefully that displays properly this time

Thanks for your input


  Purple Sue 21:40 25 Sep 12

would it be that after each letter you press 'enter'? or have I missed the point too? are you meaning in a table, or columns?

  csqwared 21:54 25 Sep 12

Purple Sue

No, not tables or columns. If you have Excel 2007 try(Text Box/Format Shape/Text Box/Text Direction=Stacked) and you'll see what I mean. It formats the text easily and quickly, in a text box, to look like the "LIKE THIS" in my post of 9.27pm. You do achieve the same effect by pressing the "Return" after each letter but then you get tracking/kerning/spacing problems.


  csqwared 22:04 25 Sep 12

I'm going to bail out for tonight, the site is just about unusable. I'll be back tomorrow to check on any progress.

Thanks folks


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