how to split ethernet

  TN 11 Apr 11

I have had to change to a new wireless router to repair an Internet connection fault. However my last Router had two LAN sockets which I needed as I was taking part in a Sam Knows survey where the second outlet is connected to a modem supplied by Sam Knows as part of the testing. Is there any method I can purchase an adapter which will split the outlet into two so that I can continue to use both Ethernet leads at once. Obviously I do not want to spend a fortune doing this but surely there is a simple method that somebody knows. As a final resort I suppose I could connect my Desk Top Computer by wireless with a dongle but I would prefer not to do this. All help sincerely appreciated

  onthelimit1 11 Apr 11

Google 'ethernet splitter'. I tried to post a link, but failed with this new system!

  northumbria61 11 Apr 11

Ethernet Switch - (Pasting Links don't appear to be working at the moment on this new site but go to above address - Cable Universe - under £10

  TN 11 Apr 11

Many thanks onethelimit1 - why didn't I think of that solution myself!! Anyway have ordered it from Amazon and again my sincere thanks

  Graham. 11 Apr 11
  amonra 11 Apr 11

Have a look on EBay for another 4 port router, I got one recently for a fiver, cant do better than that !


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