How to setup BB Sharing via wireless connection

  PC Mad Boy. 21:20 06 Mar 04

Hi all,

I have setup a peer to peer network using two Netgear PCI Wireless cards 54mbps.

I can see all files on both networks, sharing files is no problem.

How do I now setup the slave pc to share my other BB connection??

They are both using XP Home.


  PC Mad Boy. 21:41 06 Mar 04


  agarm11 22:42 06 Mar 04

Have you run the wizard on the main PC to use Internet Connection Sharing? On the 2nd PC, in the internet options, connections, set it to "never dial a connection", and in LAN Settings, select "automatically detect settings". This should make the 2nd PC get its IP address from the main PC.

  PC Mad Boy. 11:46 07 Mar 04

agarm11 I have set the two pcs to have their own fixed ip on the network card, is that ok?

Ok I shall do those aswell.will that be it then, will i have to enter my acc details ie login user etc??

  agarm11 12:17 07 Mar 04

Run the wizard on both PCs, this tells them both that the 2nc PC will be getting its IP address etc off the main PC, thats how ICS works with the main PC dishing out the IP addresses. As for settings, once u do the wizard and the 2nd PC goes on the net, then if they are required. you can put them in then. HTH

  PC Mad Boy. 13:29 07 Mar 04

I have already run the wizard...i used this to set up thje network, however it wouldn't let em go on.

  spuds 13:35 07 Mar 04

Some information on networking and other matters. click here

  SEASHANTY 17:07 07 Mar 04

...and another website detailing internet connection sharing click here

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