How to send screenshot

  ponytail 10:10 21 Jan 13

I have been having a lot of trouble trying to install a game called wings of prey.Have been in touch with the makers and have got so far.They now want me to send them a screenshot of some icons but how do I do that.Tried copy and paste and drag and drop but neither works can someone advise

  onthelimit1 10:18 21 Jan 13

Top right on your keyboard is Print Scrn/SysRq. Press that, then in your email editor Ctrl +V to paste it.

  ponytail 10:59 21 Jan 13

Hi onthelimit1 found this

It seems to have worked what do you think

  ponytail 11:00 21 Jan 13

Sorry seems to be a problem with this link found it on google

  john bunyan 11:33 21 Jan 13


I tried your link, here: WIKIHOW. Fine, and I use the w7 snipping tool, but onthelimit1's method, which after years of using PC's I did not know, was far quicker and a brilliant tip! Thanks.

  Batch 12:42 21 Jan 13

As an alternative, MWSnap (see enables one to capture precisely the part of the screen that you want. Note - I'm using it with WinXP, hope it still works with later OSs.

  Woolwell 14:26 21 Jan 13

Print Screen captures the entire screen. Alt+Print Screen copies only the active window.

  SillBill 14:46 21 Jan 13

Print Screen does not seem to work with FF and GMX. I have to paste into Paint and save as a jpg from there.

  caccy 14:55 21 Jan 13

In FF "ctrl" and "prtscn" together copy the screen to your clipboard. From there you can copy it to your word processor.

  SillBill 15:48 21 Jan 13


My email client GMX will not allow pasting images/pictures from the clipboard, just tried your suggestion.

  lotvic 16:41 21 Jan 13

SillBill, that doesn't mean it won't work for ponytail and the email he is using.


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