How to - in screensaver

  bessacarr 23:23 01 Nov 10

I have Windows XP with sp3.

It is easy to add files - pics etc. to display as a screensaver but -

How can I delete one please?

  Chris the Ancient 09:38 02 Nov 10

I'm not quite sure why you want to delete screen savers, if you don't want them, just ignore them.

Or do you mean desktop background?

However, screen savers are saved with the .scr extension and your search facility will pick them up.

  bremner 09:59 02 Nov 10

I assume you have chosen "My Picture Slide Show" as the screensaver and then gone into Settings and pointed it to a folder containing pictures.

All you need to do is move or delete the picture you do not want displayed from that folder.

  bessacarr 14:32 02 Nov 10


I do mean a set of pictures in screensaver in display.

It is called "My Pictures Slide Show". I must have made a folder in "My Pictures" at some time but forgot about it and have since deleted most of my pictures files as they were getting out of hand & I have them on my other computer anyway.

So I wanted to delete that file - also if I get rid of this & buy another I do not want them to be left on.

  bessacarr 14:33 02 Nov 10



This would be simple if I still had the folder, but I don't.

There are some pictures on I need to get rid of.

  bessacarr 14:37 02 Nov 10

Chris the Ancient

Thanks - done it. Just did a search for files .scr and up it came.

  Chris the Ancient 16:49 02 Nov 10

Your welcome.

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