How to schedule Spy & Search to run every night ?

  Antonio Machado 23:10 12 Aug 09

Hello experts !

I would like to schedule "Spy & Search" to automatically run every night let us say at 11:45 p.m., how can I do that ?

Thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

  birdface 23:23 12 Aug 09

[ automatically run every night let us say at 11:45 p.m.]

If you switch your computer off it will not run any scans.

Now if you run AVG you can get that to Power down the computer after the scan has finished.

  Antonio Machado 00:00 13 Aug 09

Thanks for helping me. I forgot to mention that I have my PC "on" 24/7. Please continue helping me. What is AVG ? Best, Antonio.

  Sea Urchin 00:19 13 Aug 09

If you mean Spybot Search & Destroy then you can do it by means of the Advanced menu - this shows you how:

click here

  birdface 08:31 13 Aug 09

Sea Urchin's click here shows you how to set the scheduled scan in Spybot if that was the program that you were referring to.
AVG is an Anti-Virus program so you obviously do not use it and already have an A/Virus program installed.So my Information on how to run it to power down the computer after a scan will be of no use to you.

  Antonio Machado 19:41 17 Aug 09

Hello experts: with your help everything is possible. Thanks a lot, best, Antonio.

  johnnyrocker 19:43 17 Aug 09



  Antonio Machado 23:42 17 Aug 09


  Antonio Machado 23:43 17 Aug 09


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