How to scan TV channels from cable to PC?

  Mr.Narinder-198866 17:13 21 Jul 06

I have a DTV compro TV2.5 card. With Freeview I can get all the channels on to my hard drive.
Now I have changed over to ntl cable. I tried to scan it, goes through the motion of scanning but at the end no channels are tuned .
I rang ntl.They say they don't allow tunning to PC -card Tv.Any suggestions?

I have now gone back to Freeview for my Pc, but my TV is on cable.

  DieSse 22:28 21 Jul 06

Cable is a different technology to an off-air tuner. It just won't work.

  johnnyrocker 23:14 21 Jul 06



  Mr.Narinder-198866 09:31 22 Jul 06

Disease and Johnny rocker.
Many thanks for your reply.

I think I'll stick to my Freeview.

Thanks again.

  ArrGee 09:41 22 Jul 06

Not sure what NTL box you are using, but if it has an analogue (standard ariel type) output, you could output to your pc. However this would require a hybrid digital-analogue TV card. From there on you can scan, but will only pick up one channel (i.e. whatever channel the NTL box is on) Channel changes would still have to be done through the NTL box.

  Mr.Narinder-198866 10:21 22 Jul 06


What you say is correct. It only picked one channel.

I have now connected it back to my Freeview [for my Pc only]. It can pick up all the channels that are free.
Thanks for input.

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