How to scan to a location

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

I have a Brother Printer printer Model number DCP-J315W and need to scan some documents which is easy enough to do but how do I tell the printer where to scan to so I can then find the documents to email them.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

This is what I have been doing Gone into control center 3 Click on scan Click on file After scan is complete get this message

Unable to write the file to the 'Destination Folder' Please make sure you have the correct permisions to write to the . 'Destination Folder' or change the 'Destination Folder' to a folder that has write permission Does anyone know what this message means

  difarn 10 Mar 13

With my scanner I have a folder named Scanner in My Documents. When the item is scanned I click on File - Save as - browse to location - and place it in that folder.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Mar 13

Your printer should have software associated with your scanner my Epson certainly does and I can send the scans where I want.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Hi difarn I have a folder called scanned documents located in my documents but how do I tell the printer to scan to there

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Mar 13

Have a look here, your printers manual as it shows you how to change the output folder for your scans. Brother.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Mar 13

PS: Look in chapter 7.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Hi Chronos the 2nd Yes I have the software here for the printer but I thought it had already been installed as I have the control center 3 installed

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Hi again Chronos the 2nd I have the manual here in front of me but caaot see where it says anything about choosing a destination folder

  onthelimit1 10 Mar 13

i have a brother printer (different model). If I open CC3 (the Brother Control Centre), under Scan, Configuration I have the option to choose the folder to which scans will be saved.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Mar 13

This is what I can see by looking at chapter 7,it lists all the places you can send the scan to. Manual.">">Manual.


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